WVTK Local & State News – August 10, 2017

A committee studying work needed at Mount Abe is recommending $35-million dollars in repairs and renovations.  The Mount Abe Renovation Committee passed along their findings to the Addison Northeast Supervisory Union board for their official consideration.  The committee hopes the board approves their plan and asks voters for a $35-million dollar bond this November.  If approved, the work would take place in the summer of 2019.


If you have Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont as your healthcare insurance, get ready for a premium increase next year.  Health care regulators will let Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont raise insurance premiums on Vermont Health Connect by 9.2-percent.  BCBS had asked for a 12.7-percent increase.  The Green Mountain Care Board today said,  “Our decision today seeks to strike a balance and achieve the leanest rates feasible, while protecting the insurer’s financial health.”


At the Bristol Selectboard meeting earlier this week, officials said no to a gun ordinance.  Residents had been complaining recently about guns were being fired near their homes but since there is no gun ordinance in place, police officials has said there is nothing they could do.  So last month, the selectboard asked Chief Gibbs to write-up a proposed gun ordinance similar to ones in other towns.  It was presented to the board at the end of last month.  And at Monday’s meeting, the board unanimously rejected the proposed gun ordinance saying that the proposal would do nothing to prevent irresponsible gun ownership and may create more of a liability for the town.


People living in the 518 will have to begin dialing the area code before making local calls next week.  On Saturday, August 19, telephone users with the 518 area code will be required to dial the area code followed by the seven digit local telephone number.  The New York Public Service Commission announced that there would no more available 518 telephone numbers by 2019.  As a result, a new 838 area code has been created.  Officials say only new phone numbers will be given the new area code.


A woman attempting a 100-mile swim across Lake Champlain completed her goal early this morning.  35-year-old Sarah Thomas from Colorado swam down Lake Champlain and swam around an island near Charlotte.  She finished around 3:30 am.  Family members say after rest, she’ll plan out her next big swim.