WVTK Local & State News – October 10, 2017

Crews working on the Brandon Segment 6 Route 7 Project will be turning off the water on Carver Street tomorrow.  The outage will start at 8 am.  The water should be turned back on by 1 pm.  Workers will be doing the installation of isolation valves on Carver / Rossiter Street.  These valves will allow workers to impact fewer homes when the water is shut off in the future.  The area affected will be from #4 Carver to #42 Carver Street, excluding #5 and #17.


The Ferrisburgh Selectboard is holding a special meeting tonight.  During the meeting the selectboard will be conducting Clerical Position Interviews.  Tonight’s meeting starts at 6 o’clock.  The next regular Selectboard meeting will be next Tuesday October 17 at 6:30 pm.  


An elderly Lincoln man is facing charges after police raided his home and found him with child pornography on in his bedroom TV.  Police say the DVD in 80-year-old Donald Noble’s room was paused, and it was a child porn movie that had been playing.  Authorities say that movie along with more than 100 other DVDs were recovered for further analysis, and charged Noble with felony possession of child pornography.


Senator Bernie Sanders will hold a “College for All” town meeting at Castleton University at 7 o’clock tonight.  He will discuss his legislation that would make public colleges and universities tuition-free. Sanders says, “Today, the average student takes on more than $30,000 of student debt to get a bachelor’s degree, putting the dream of attending college out of reach for far too many people.”  Sanders introduced legislation back in April to make public colleges and universities tuition-free for working families and to significantly reduce student debt.


Governor Phil Scott  signed an executive order to create a cybersecurity advisory team.  Scott today was joined at the Montpelier Statehouse by leaders from the Agency of Digital Services, the Department of Public Safety and the Vermont State Police.  Government agencies, businesses and private individuals across the country have been targets of hackers.  In Vermont, cybersecurity was a topic at a conference last month on emergency preparedness.


Residents in Rutland Town are going to the polls today for a special vote on a new school organization plan under Act 49.  Under the plan, Rutland Town will maintain its status as a single school district, but affiliate with the Quarry Valley and Wells Spring Unified Union School districts.  The new district will also maintain the pre-K through Grade 8 elementary school.  High School students will be able to pick the public school of their choice.  The polls are open until 7 tonight.