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Brandi Carlile to release re-imagined version of ‘In These Silent Days’

Brandi Carlile announced on NBC’s ‘Today’ show that she will be dropping a brand-new version of her previously released album ‘In These Silent Days.’  The 41-year-old Carlile said to after her performance on the show: “We have re-imagined In These Silent Days, and we are putting out a deluxe album called In The Canyon Haze, which is a lush, harmony-rich, Laurel Canyon re-imaging of our album. It was a joy to make and it’s a joy to bring to you.”

In These Silent Days was just released last year, and Carlile said that the updated In The Canyon Haze will be a completely acoustic redoing of the album. In a statement, Carlile said: “I knew I wanted to offer our fans more than just the usual ‘bonus track’ that always feels like a creative way to ask fans to buy your album twice,” adding that she had “conjured up imagery from the infamous music scene in Laurel Canyon.” 

In The Canyon Haze will feature the same tracks as its predecessor, along with an acoustic version of David Bowie’s “Oddity” that was not on the original version. The re-imagined collection will be Carlile’s eighth studio album, and will be released on digital and CD versions Sept. 28, with a multi-color double-LP vinyl version to be released on Nov. 25, coinciding with the Black Friday edition of Record Store Day.  The vinyl will become more widely available the following Friday, Dec. 2.  To pre-order, head here.

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