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Kenny Chesney releases new single, ‘Knowing You’

Kenny Chesney is releasing his new radio single, “Knowing You,” which appears on his 2020 album, Here & Now

“Knowing You” is reminiscent of some of Chesney’s earlier releases, and the singer said: “It sounds like coming home in a lot of ways. This is the essence of all the music that country is. When you hear this, something inside tingles, because it’s more than production tricks, the guitars, or how hard the drums hit, it’s just so pure… Country at its very best is true, it’s from the heart. ‘Knowing You’ is just that, it’s all heart.”

“Knowing You” was co-written by Brett James,  Adam James and Kat Higgins. You can take a listen at the link here.

Kenny Chesney Reminisces in New Single ‘Knowing You’ [LISTEN]


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